Easy and Elegant Table Decor

by Joshua Lavelle

Given current circumstances, dining at home has become even more popular. Whether you are cooking a romantic meal or having some friends over for a long awaited dinner party, we have put together some top tips on styling your table like a pro. 

Tablecloths & Runners.

When it comes to picking a tablecloth, we suggest choosing one in a neutral color. This way you can use it multiple times throughout the year. A runner really does add a little extra luxury to a dinner table and can be a great way to incorporate some color into your table setting. Pick a runner that compliments the colors and décor already in the room.

If your décor is nautical in design a runner with white and blue stripes would work wonderfully on the table, especially when it is placed on top of a crisp white tablecloth. 

Image source: Pinterest 

The Centerpiece

A centerpiece will help the table look interesting while still allowing space for tableware. The choice centerpiece should be based on the size of your table and should be placed on top of the runner.

For a contemporary feel put a small metal or glass sculpture in the middle of the table.

Make sure the centerpiece won’t obstruct the guests’ views. Place the centerpiece and sit down in one of the chairs to test if it blocks your view of the other side of the table.

For a formal occasion, tall candles create a romantic mood. Place them in the spaces on the table runner where guests aren’t looking across the table.

If you are using a circular table, cluster items of different sizes and heights in the center of the table to add variety.

For a more eclectic look, place tea-light candles in between the other items.

Image Source: Pinterest

Plates & Cutlery

For a more casual look, a dinner plate, salad bowl, water glass, fork, spoon and a knife may be enough. However for a more formal dinner you may add a salad fork, bread bowl, dessert fork and wine glasses.

If possible choosing plates which contain a common color with the runner will create a more unified look. 

Setting the table.

For all occasions, place the dinner plate in the middle of the setting, napkin to the left, fork on the left side of the plate, the knife on the right side, and the water glass on the upper right side

If you are hosting a more formal event, place the salad fork to the left of the regular fork and the dessert utensils above the plate with the handle aiming to the left.

Add some flair by pulling the napkins through decorative napkin rings and placing them on top of the empty plates.

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