Home Decor Tips

by Casey McDermot

Corner Décor

Decorating a home can come as a challenging task for some people and making every space count is crucial.

Where you may run into most difficulty, however, are those seemingly awkward corners that assume precious space. Many of us resign to the fact that there’s not much we can do with these corner spaces.

You don’t want to overlook or undervalue these spaces, as they can become unique focal points throughout your home with some design ingenuity. The following are some of our top tips on corner styling to create solutions to your decorating limbo and transform your unused spaces to showcase your creative design.


A shelving space in the corner of a room is the perfect way to maximise storage and creates a beautiful way to display your beloved photos, precious memorabilia or even act as a home library.

Corner shelving can also be quite dynamic, allowing you to chop and change the style and color scheme of the look when new trends come into play.

Shelving also adds dimension and geometric design, giving a room character and a focal point. 

Image Source: Pinterest

Leia Etagere - TF042

Heidi Etagere - TF047

Gallery Walls

Room corners and small walls can act as the perfect mural for a gallery wall.

Gallery walls allow you to become the designer of your individual space, using a unique mash-up of all your favorite photos and memories.

Another great thing about gallery walls is that there's so much room for experimenting. You can keep it mellow and cohesive with black and white frames and photos. There is also the option of using different colored frames with a mixture of photographs and prints to bring a distinctive, edgy design to your gallery wall.

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Harper Frame Set/5 - HUA095

Abaa Frames Set/5 - HUA095

Reading Spot

Small corner spaces can be the perfect place to create a reading spot. Making this a cosy area, with soft furnishings and fabrics can create a relaxed vibe, while also acting as a beautiful corner backdrop for those all-important Instagram photos!

For this look we are feeling blush pinks, neutral whites and the all-important natural daylight! Add an artificial plant to create an organic vibe and a throw to soften the look. We have suggested a floor lamp for this look. Floor lamps are perfect for filling corner areas in a room. They add aesthetic value and will also cast a light onto this corner feature spot you’ve created.

Image Source: Pinterest

Janais Floor Lamp (R28142-1)

Ellia Mirror - HUA059

Alina Tub Chair (Pink) - (EHM014)

Solomon Accent Table (TF052)