How to achieve Scandanavian Style & Hyyge Décor in your home

by Casey McDermot

Scandanavian style and Hygge décor have been a recurring and beloved trend in home interiors in recent years. The mantra and essence of the Scandi style? Simplicity, functionality and understated elegance.

The objective of this style, originated and inspired by the Scandinavian region, is to create modest, functional and comfortable living spaces that foster clean, easy living.
Below are some simple steps that can be followed to help in creating a space that is infused with the essence of the Scandi style in the forms of simplicity, beauty and functionality. 


Lighting, and its use, is one of the most distinctive and integral aspect of Scandi interior design. The use of natural daylight is plentiful throughout Scandi inspired decor, allowing areas in the home to feel bright, spacious and calming.

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Floor to ceiling windows are a common feature in Scandi styled homes, creating the ultimate harness for natural daylight. Modern, industrial indoor lighting pieces are also prevalent, and can enhance the lighting aspect of your home.

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Textiles/ Textures

Another common feature found in most Scandanavian home décor is the use of warm textiles. This is influenced by the cold climate these countries experience, therefore having aspects of warmth and coziness in the home is essential.

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Using warm, soft textures is also a great way to counterbalance the hard-surfaced wood and metal furniture often found throughout Scandinavian décor. Throws, rugs and other soft furnishings can provide warmth, comfort and an added layer of texture to a space.

Natural Materials

Scandanavian décor is also notable for its close connection to nature. The use of natural materials is prominent throughout the home, with wood and metal-based furniture and features. Light hardwood flooring is also a common feature, with some flooring being painted a light color to expand the space and enhance the lighting of the home.

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The use of greenery and fresh flowers throughout the home is also a significant feature to Scandinavian décor. This allows the addition of living elements and natural color and beauty to be brought into the home.

Color Scheme

The essence of Scandanavian décor rests on the idea of simplistic, understated beauty. The same is true for the color schemes used throughout this style, with neutral, earthy tones being the most dominant color palette. The general guidance would be to use hues of grey, brown, white and black tones. To add a pop of color, a feature piece or accent chair in sea green or blush pink can be used, but it is important to keep it subtle when trying to achieve this look. As the saying goes; less is more.

Form and Functionality

When designing the interiors of a home with a Scandanavian style in mind, form and functionality is key. Clean, smooth lines are evident in their choice of furniture, with a focus on modern, minimalist pieces.
The design layout of the home should always be functional. Clutter free spaces are essential throughout Scandinavian homes, with practical storage pieces generally built in. Ceiling to wall shelving units create a visual interest while also being space savvy. This innovative and functional use of space is a key aspect of Scandi interiors and allows for clever use of space.


When accessorising a home with a Scandi design in mind, simple decorative accents should be chosen. Simple pieces such as neutral colored ceramics can add a touch of personality. Using pillows with simple geometric shapes can also tie in the element of soft textures with a modern design to the space.

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