Introducing Feng Shui into Your Home

by Mindy Brownes Interiors

More than ever mindfulness and positivity is needed in our daily routines. We are all gravitating to things that bring mindfulness to our lives and souls, be it a run, some light gardening, reading a book or yoga. There are so many ways in which we can ensure we have a snippet of calm and tranquillity in our daily routines. We are all finding it hard to adjust to this new norm, but remember each day you wake up is a day closer to life as we knew it. We will worry a little less, stress a little less, cry a little less but we will love a lot more and appreciate the wonderful world around us, our friends and our families.

The message around the world is to stay at home and yes so many of us are doing just that. Today we decided to tell you a little about Feng Shui in our homes and the positive affect it can have on our daily lives.

Feng Shui was developed over 3000 years ago in China. It was developed to harmonise our lives and align our energies. It balances our energies in homes and offices, something so important right now. The elements around us dictate how the energies in a room flow and how they affect our feelings and emotions. The ancient practice is often referred to as the art of placement, meaning the positioning of physical items to optimise. The term is widely known as Feng Shui, “Feng” meaning wind and “Shui” meaning water.

It is about bringing our surroundings in tune or in key with our inner selves, and creating that balance.

So how can we begin, without making this sound too complicated or daunting.....

The most common tool and easy to grasp is the Bugua Map. A little easier to use than the traditional compass direction. The nine areas that we are to focus on are as follows: Wealth, Fame, Love, Family, Wellbeing/Health, Children, Self-Knowledge, Career and Helpfulness.

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The next step is to simply place your floor plan of your home on the grid above. Make sure your front door is placed at the front of the grid. Although not every room will sit directly over each area it will be close enough to allow you decide the dominant energy for each space within your home.

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Wealth - Wood – Decorate this area with valuable items, cultural items, artwork and live plants. Wood objects and the colours purple and green are most associated with this area. In Feng Shui, purple is the best colour to stimulate and increase your abundance. Historically-speaking, purple was the hardest colour to make, so only royalty wore purple to show that they were wealthy. Introduce through a vase, painting and any decorative item.

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Fame - Fire – Tall slender objects like tall floor lights and also triangular shapes and stars. Candles and fireplaces are also great elements to strengthen this energy. Colours associated with this energy are Red Yellow, Orange, Purple and Pink.

Love - Earth – Decorate this area with pairs of objects. Create lots of symmetry in this room or area. Pictures of loved ones are also necessary. This area needs natural light. In a bedroom for instance remove clutter, electronics and the placement of a bed should be facing the door. The most common symbol in Feng Shui for Love is actually a butterfly.

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Family - Wood - The area brings about happiness, decorate it with family heirlooms and floral plants and herbs. Avoid metal items. Green is an organic symbol of life and growth in your family. You can paint your walls across the spectrum of green, or simply use a few green throw pillows to add life to the room. As such, you should avoid high energy colours like red and orange in the family spaces of your home, as these colours represent fire. If you already have a fireplace in this area, you might want to hang a large painting of calm water above it.

Health - Earth - This area should be balanced and clean. Square items, angular shapes and not waves should be more prominent. Colour associated with this are yellow and golds. The use of gold through interiors is very easy, like accent tables and mirrors for example. Even pops of yellow are easy to achieve through cushions and flowers.

Children - Metal - This area allows to build a relationship with your children and your inner self as a child, it also enlightens creativity and youthful energy. Decorate with toys, children’s items and fun adventurous décor. Avoid sharp items and the blocking of doorways. The main colour of this area should be white and complimentary yellow. You should avoid the colour red, which is a symbol of fire, the destructive element of metal.

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Wisdom - Earth - The area promotes decision making, family choice and knowledge. Fill this area with items such as books and mediation items. Avoid alcohol in this area and any water elements. This area is represented by the colours of blue, black and green. As mentioned before, objects in this area could include water and plants, which are represented by these colours. Try to go with furniture, frames, and accessories with these colours. This spot in your home can become a place of reading, study or meditation. 

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Career - Water - This area brings about decisions in our own career. Decorate with mirrors, black and dark colours. Avoid bright and airy décor. Asymmetrical furniture arrangements are key for the type of energy. Free-Flowing shapes are needed. The dominant colour should be white, and material should be metal. Avoid yellow and earth colours.

Helpful People - This area is about recognising and valuing the support of others in our lives. Colours to introduce in your room scheme are White, Grey, Silver, or Black. Avoid storage areas in this part of your home as well as clutter! 

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Whilst we know we are not experts in the field in Feng Shui we hope this brought a little enjoyment and maybe next time you take a quick walk around our home you can take note of a few slight changes to your décor and the placement of objects and the use of colour in your spaces. Its easy make a few changes and it may bring about some positive energy or if not something to do whilst we all sty in doors! Lots more info online to research!

Stay Safe Everyone

Lisa at Mindy Brownes Interiors.