Get the Look - Autumn Colours

Get the Look - Autumn Colours

The change of season brings with it endless inspiration for designers and artists alike. Autumn brings an explosion of colour with tones and depth unique to this time of year.

It’s a colour scheme designed by the universe and adored world-wide.
So cosy-up with your pumpkin spice lattes (or herbal teas) and settle in to read all about
The Autumnal Look.



Autumnal colours resemble a melting pot of all summer tones moulding together to create stunning shades and tones. The variance in collaborations and shades has us spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer the more muted or more vibrant shades, autumn provides for all!

Deep reds, oranges, greens, browns, greys, purples, navy-blues and mustards all feature heavily throughout the season and even merge throughout the day.

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Implement these changing tones into your colour scheme in your home to radiate a warm and earthy feel.

Moulins Dining Chair Purple - £307.50 Moulins Dining Chair Beige - £307.50

The Moulins Dining Chair is new into us and what a statement. Dining chair trends have been in fluctuation in recent décor but we find that if you steer clear of the trends and bet on items that you simply love you never tire of the look.

To incorporate more tones into your room, consider using a mismatch of colours. As covered in our Boho blog, perfectly mismatched looks can be so elegant and lend a stamp of personality to your setup. The subjects and combinations of your mismatch will be unique to you and your preferences. To keep the flow and continuity of the interior décor, aim to use mismatched colours or patterns of similar shades and tones so as not to completely upset the balance of the room.


Sancerre Dining Chair - Light Green - £260.00
Light green velvet dining chair with velvet legs for a lavish look.
Strasbourg Dining Chair - Light Blue - £260.00
Blue velvet dining chair with velvet legs for a lavish look.

For autumnal vibes pair this dining chair with the rich, deep tones and earthy feel of the Stanton Dining Table. Made from reclaimed wood, the table is not only perfect for sharing stories over but has a story woven into its frame.

Stanton Table - £1462.00


It is handmade using 100% reclaimed timbers, all timbers are beautifully aged, and no two tables are the same. The use of these reclaimed timbers is not only environmentally friendly it also provides well seasoned wood full of character and patina with visible signs of its past life. The table is held rigid by a gun barrel pipe threaded and bolted through the legs at each end.

All timbers are individually selected and used in a way which highlights the most distinguished characteristics. Danish oil which penetrates deep into the wood nourishes it, creating a soft natural sheen.


Stanton Bench - £640.50

As above the bench is handmade using 100% reclaimed timbers.
It is an ideal addition for a table hosting kids and adults alike.




Harvest Serenity Mirror - £674.95

Darkened metal with earth red highlights.

H: 152cm W: 127cm

Our Harvest Serenity Mirror has gorgeous golden hues in its intricate border.
The leafy and spiral detail are reminiscent of Autumn shapes and shades.

Zoe Votive Small - £25.50
The Zoe Votives come in a range of sizes and are stunning with lit candles. The design is perfect for both the contemporary and traditional home.
Rory Lamp - £296.50
This lamp features burgundy ceramic with light distressing and coffee bronze metal details. The rectangular bell shade is a silken, golden champagne, crushed fabric.


We’ve got cushions galore in all Autumnal shades from our own brand in store and available now! Cushions are a great accessory as they are cheap and cheerful and easily interchangeable.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s on offer.

Whatever the weather we’re here to help!

Mindy Brownes has an interior design service readily available to assist you in all your interior décor endeavours and all the staff are here to help. Enquire in store for suggestions if you’re struggling to decide. We would encourage you to have a picture of the space on hand – whether you’re browsing yourself or seeking assistance - as it can be helpful to visualise the piece in your space and match to your colour scheme. Happy Hunting!

For more ideas for your home or to see what we have coming in store follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Mindy Brownes Interiors.

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