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Sarah Butler

When Covid-19 hit, Sarah like many others had time to pause and reflect, this led Sarah to realise how much she loved to cook and bake. Sarah then began sharing her recipes and tips on social media which in turn led to Sarah writing two cookbooks and becoming a well known name in the cooking industry.

Our Q&A with Sarah.

So Sarah can you tell us a little bit about you?

A little about me...I am a mum of two who loves to cook and entertain. My career took a change in COVID from graphic design to Instagram home cook. This led me to writting two cookbooks and I now share easy, practical recipes for busy lives.

How important is dressing your table?

We eat with our eyes, as well as the food looking delicious, the table and setting also adds to the dining experience. I love to entertain family and friends and create a relaxed atmosphere for them to enjoy the time together. That is why I adore the Mindy Brownes tabletop collection as it allows me to dress my tables in a practical but stylish way.

What are your most important kitchen essentials?

My 3 kitchen essentials are an Apron, always a must, just because you're cooking and baking doesn't mean you can't look stylish. I adore candles, they really do create a welcoming atmosphere and of course pretty serving platters, presentation is so important to me with food so I love a great serving platter. It can be very hard to find a matching collection that includes platters, so I was delighted when I saw Mindy Brownes offers a full tabletop collection that includes a set of two platters.